There’s good news for shoppers who currently possess a Dress Barn credit card.

There’s a coupon available that can be used to get a discount of 25% on the entire regular priced item when the credit card is used as a form of payment.

The offer is available for regular priced merchandise only.

It can also be used on the first item of a Buy One, Get One 50% off promotion.

However, it can’t be combined with any other coupon or discount available for senior citizens. It can’t also be combined with other offers such as Save $10 promotion or Buy 2 dresses.

Previous purchases, fundraising items, prior layaways and gift cards can’t be combined as well.

There’s only one coupon for each customer.

The code is ‘EAPR2513. For in store use, use the code is ‘3551’.

Dress Barn customers without a credit card can receive a 20% discount on regular priced items by using any other form of payment.

They can use the code ‘EAPR2013’, or ‘2909’ in stores. Same terms and conditions apply.

The offer for both coupons is valid till 17th April.