Droid DNA Preorders Open | Unboxing On 11/19 | Specs & Review

Droid DNA Preorders Open | Unboxing On 11/19 | Specs & Review

Verizon and HTC announced yesterday that the Droid DNA is set for a November 21 launch.

The Droid DNA is called the HTC J Butterfly in Japan, where a version of it was launched last month.

The Droid DNA is one of these big screen mash-ups between a tablet and a phone. Rather like the Galaxy Note II, in some ways.

Let’s dive into the details of this new smartphone from HTC.


On first look, the Droid DNA looks like any other modern smartphone. When it comes to design innovation, you’ll only find Verizon’s signature red highlights.

The highlights outline the phone’s 8 megapixel camera lens and there’s a thin line just above the screen. This gives a punch to the design, just like the tweak added to Droid Incredible. Red lines also outline the left and right side of the phone. HTC has stated that the design was inspired by Lamborghini cars.

The other side of the phone has a soft touch surface, giving it a smooth look. Though the surface is soft, the grip feels sure. The device is big, but fashionably thin at 0.16 inches (which is thinner than Galaxy SIII). The metal buttons and sturdy look gives the phone a premium flavor, unlike many phones on the market today.


The Droid DNA is a pocket full. Its got a 5 inch LDC screen. That’s about a half inch smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note II though, so it’s not unheard of.

The display, made of Gorilla glass, looks very tablet like. It has a resolution of 1080p and a wide viewing angle. The phone comes loaded with 4.1 jelly Bean, and it’s powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon.

The smartphone features 2GB RAM, and can take up to 16GB of expanded memory. It  has a 2,020 mAh battery.

The camera is 8MP and looks to be a pretty decent smartphone camera. Features include face identification, HDR mode for shooting, smile capture, High Definition video chat and a separate launch camera button – making it easier to take pictures.

Other highlights of the phone include wireless charging, Beats Audio, and an innovative User Interface.


Though HTC was once a leading smartphone manufacturer, that was some time ago. The company had to pull all strings to come up with a really good phone for this holiday season.

The screen size will be a selling point, but it does make the phone appear bulky, despite its thinness.

The phone is feature rich. It could be an ideal device for people who like to play games and those who wish to use their phone to browse online.

Verizon has already opened its doors to pre-orders on their website.

The cost? $199.99 – with a two year contract of course.

The carrier has hooked up with Phone Dog to do an unboxing on a live feed through a Google Hangout at noon (EST) on 11/19, two days before the phone launches. The company says shoppers that follow them on Google + will receive an invite.

Will you be preordering the Droid DNA… or waiting a bit longer to see what other smartphones launch in the near future?

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