Dancing with the Stars update: the latest news is that producers have been told to recruit bigger, better, A-listed stars. Part of the new offer to attract big name stars includes giving the stars more control over their rehersal and training schedules, music selection, and costume design.

TMZ is reporting that after booking “D-listers like The Situation, Kate Gosselin, Audrina Patridge, Jake Pavelka and Holly Madison,” producers have been placed under direct orders to get bigger, more high profile, stars.

Of course, there is always a price to pay. Not just in money, which wasn’t mentioned in the report, but also in the way big stars are handled. Big name stars expect more. They must fiercely protect their brand and their ‘look’. And there are more demands on their time.

Dancing with the Stars will compensate by allowing A-list stars to practice as much… or as little… as they want. Hopefully their competitive spirit will kick in (and can anyone become an A-lister without being competitive?) and they will practice enough to trip the lights fantastic. The big name stars will also have more say in their costume design and music selection. It was not mentioned whether they would be allowed to select music that they have written or sung themselves.

Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars starts on September 19, 2011. Who will be the next stars? It’s been reported so far that Regis Philbin, of ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly, has been invited to dance. Regis is set to retire from the morning show in November of this year. Rumors regarding other stars have included Lindsey Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan, soccer star Landon Donovan, television personality Kat Von D, Bridget Mendler, singer/actress Christina Milian, “Snooki” from Jersey Shore, Kim and Khloé’s brother Rob Kardashian, boxer Mike Tyson, and singer Ciara.

Based on these rumors however, perhaps the push for bigger stars will be for season 14.

Returning pros for season 13 are expected to include Derek Hough and Chelsie Hightower, so far.