Techland, the producers of the new parkour-zombie-survival game Dying Light, has announced a huge delay for the game.

Dying Light, a game that is centered around free-running away from zombies trying to eat your flesh, was supposed to be released later this year. However, Techland has realized that it’s just not possible to release a quality game so soon.

Instead, Techland decided that they would have to take the route Ubisoft did with Watch Dogs and delay it to ensure the game retains a high quality. You can find a statement form Techland regarding the delay below and a trailer for Dying Light.

“When we started the development of Dying Light, we were committed to innovation. We wanted to give you a freedom of movement unprecedented in open-world games. After many improvements and months of hard work, we have now come so close to realizing our initial vision we feel we cannot stop before it is ready.”

“We believe the Natural Movement element of our game will change what you expect from the genre, and we don’t want to sacrifice any of its potential by releasing too early. This quality-focused thinking underlines all our development choices and we hope you share our belief that the gameplay must always come first.”

“The new date ensures that we can fully realize our vision of an innovative open-world game. We won’t need to make compromises or trade-offs on any of the five platforms we’re working on. For you, it means an outstanding, original game that makes the wait more than worthwhile.”

So, there you have it. Techland is simply delaying the game to ensure that we’re happy with it. I can’t say that I blame them.