Blizzard 2015 Update: Travel Ban, School Closings, MTA Shutdowns & More

Updated Monday January 27 at 5:55P.M. (EST).

The travel ban has been lifted in NY and NJ, except for in Suffolk County.

As of 9 A.M (EST) Tuesday morning trains will be operating; by Noon they will be on a Sunday Schedule.

An MTA spokeswoman said we can expect regular service as of Wednesday morning.

The PATH will also be operating but the LIRR will remain suspended for now.

All NYC Schools are closed for today. Classes resume on Wednesday.

Planes are still grounded for the most part.  Some flights will begin tonight so check with your carrier.

Alternate side parking rules remain suspended in NYC.

The East Coast is at a standstill as what is being hailed as a “historic” blizzard descends upon us, promising record-breaking snowfall of up to 3 ft along with dangerous winds and whiteout conditions.

Mayor DeBlasio announced that as of 11 P.M. (EST) there is a travel ban and no cars are allowed on the road except for emergency vehicles- no word on how long this will last.

Anyone found on the road could face fines and be arrested.

In NJ Governor Christie also enacted a travel ban starting at 11 P.M. (EST).

The National Weather Service has officially placed NYC under a blizzard watch from Monday afternoon through Tuesday night.

Both Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo have already warned New Yorkers to prepare for possible power outages, food shortages and more as the storm rages over the next 48 hours.

Here is the latest news in regards to school, road, airport  and supermarket closings:

School Closings

For the latest news you can check the following sources:  has a list of school closings that you can view here, which is continuously being updated. also has a complete list of school closings for the tri-state area that is being updated throughout the day.  You can view the list here.

All NY city schools are open today (Monday, January 26), but all after-school activities are closed.

Some Catholic and Charter schools may have early dismissals today so check with your school.

It was just announced that Tomorrow (Tuesday, January 27)  all schools will be closed.

Wednesday (January 28) expect late starts and early dismissals, as well as possible closings depending on road conditions and power outages.

Check with the NYC Department of Education  or with the Archdiocese of NY for updates- as well as your local news stations.

MTA /LIRR/PATH/Metro North

You can check with for all the latest travel information.

Alternate-side parking rules are suspended for Tuesday & Wednesday.

PlowNYC is an interactive map you can use to see when streets are cleared.  Go to and click on a street to find out when it was last plowed.

The MTA announced that as of 7 P.M. (EST) tonight (Monday, January 26) above-ground  train & bus service will be shut down.

Underground trains will run on a limited schedule until 11 P.M. (EST), at which point there will be no more buses or trains until further notice.

The LIRR & Metro North will shutdown at 11 P.M (EST) tonight (Monday, January 26).  This afternoon they will be running extra trains to help people get home.

New Jersey Transit is expected to shut down at 10 P.M. (EST) as of tonight  (Monday, January 26).

PATH service will go to a weekend schedule starting at 9 P.M. (EST) tonight  (Monday, January 26).

Airport Closings

Most major airlines have already begun cancelling flights, with over 5,000 flights already grounded according to USA Today.

Many of Monday’s (January 26) flights are delayed and over 2,000 have already been cancelled and all flights are expected to be cancelled for tomorrow (Tuesday, January 27).

United Airlines said in a statement that it is grounding all planes for Tuesday at all major airports in the area: LaGuardia, Newark and JFK in NYC and Philadelphia as well.

Those planning to fly can also expect delays and cancellations for Wednesday as well if the storm is as bad as predicted.

Most major airlines have also announced they will waive their change fee for those who need to change their tickets because they are traveling in or out of the storm.

If you have flight plans check with your local carrier for the latest information.


In the NYC area all supermarkets are currently opened, but supplies are becoming increasingly limited as consumes race to stack up.

At Associated Supermarkets in Brooklyn there was little to no bread left and workers were unsure if they would be getting more deliveries.

Key Food also faced dwindling supplies and although they expect deliveries today they could not guarantee it when we spoke with them.

Many supermarkets are expected to be closed tomorrow as well, but that is an individual decision so check with your neighborhood market.

Check back with us, as we will be updating this information as it develops.

Are you prepared for the Blizzard of 2015?  Tell us how you plan to stay safe below.

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