The crises in Egypt can be followed on Twitter.

Several ‘Lists’ have been created that include Tweets from a number of sources both in and outside of Egypt.

FoxNews has put a List on Twitter at:!/foxnews/egyptprotests .  The List includes Tweets from Ayman Mohyeldin, who is a correspondent for Al Jazeera; Sarah Raslan, a reporter from the Houston Chronicle; Vodafone Egypt; several activists and Egyptian expatriates.

BlogsOfWar put together a List at:!/BlogsofWar/egypt . This List appears to have more ‘street’ reports than the FoxNews one. At the time this story is being written, there are Tweets from people driving by burning buildings; talking on phones with family in Egypt; and on scene Tweets via satellite from Lara Setrakian of ABC News.

YahooNews has also created a List, it is at:!/YahooNews/egypt . It includes Tweets from Al Jazeera’s English language edition; Al Arabiy’s English language edition; social media producers from several major media sources; and reporters in Egypt, among other contributors.

Twitter Lists are set up by Twitter user. The list is a group of other users and is designed for viewing the Tweets of specific users. They can be public or private.

Twitter and other social media outlets have been used by protesters in Egypt (and other countries) as a means of communication. This prompted the Egyptian government to shut down major internet service providers yesterday. However, as can be observed from the Tweets on the lists above, some communication is still getting through.