Season-4-Promo-Poster-the-walking-dead-35070776-960-712The last few minutes of tonight’s eerily quiet episode reveal Beth’s true colors and Daryl’s vulnerability. A series of events and signs help viewers accept future episodes pain and joy.

1. Beth’s panicked perception: Beth and Daryl find shelter in an abandoned car’s trunk. While inside, viewers see Beth’s panicked perception against the less threatening reality.

In her imagination, a storm rages and a zombie horde pounds relentlessly on the trunk. She doesn’t let her imagination get the best of her and we glean her strength and composure.

2. Creepy Country Club: Beth finds the liquor she’s looking for and much more at country club littered with walkers and corpses.

She discovers a bottle of wine, but instead of enjoying her first alcoholic drink, bludgeons a walker with the bottle.

She and Daryl find some peculiar signs, but surprisingly show no reaction.

Walkers writhe in nooses when the two first enter the clubhouse. ‘The Talking Dead’ revealed they were club members hanged by workers during a class struggle.

“Welcome to Dogtrot” is spray painted on a wall in another room where corpses lie face down- possibly in execution style.

3. Home sweet home: Daryl leads Beth to an appropriate first drink, moonshine. The two find a cabin in the woods filled with shadows of the Dixon’s dysfunctional household, complete with a moonshine shed, bright pink bra planter, and a dumpster chair.

4. Signs, signs, everywhere are signs: Early in the episode, Beth finds a Lady bug – nature’s good luck charm. Daryl also has an animal encounter. He stabs a snake,  a popular animal symbol of evil and betrayal. Maybe things will work out for these two.

Later at the country club,  Beth finds a spoon etched with Washington DC’s Capital building – a possible allusion to Abraham’s mission. Is this a nod to a reunion with Glen?

5. Real men cry: Daryl breaks down and reveals his guilty conscience.  He blames himself for the Governor’s attack and Hershel’s gruesome execution. His cold facade fades.

6. Beth can handle her liquor: She may be full of moonshine, but her eyes are wide open. Despite her awareness, she refuses to give up hope.

She comforts Daryl and teaches him to let go of pain. She predicts Daryl will be the last man standing and that he will miss her when she’s gone.

7. Beth gets fired up: They use moonshine, matches, and  money to torch the cabin – a symbol of Daryl’s painful past. She leads Daryl in a one finger salute to the flames, and for the first time since the Governor’s ambush, Daryl smiles.

8. Heart pounding Preview: Spots for next week’s episode show Maggie, Sasha, and Bob engulfed in fog surrounded by walkers. The three stand back to back with little means of defense. Maggie ends up on the ground struggling with a zombie and the sneak peek ends.