Exit polls predict that the GOP has taken enough House seats to win the majority and have the biggest House gain since 1948.

As the election drew near the Republican party needed 39 additional seats in the House of Representatives to take over the majority and choose the new Speaker of the House.  In what is expected to be the biggest House gain by a major party since 1948, they gained at least an additional 60 seats according to exit poll data.

Though the GOP gained the majority in the House and did pick up an additional six seats in the Senate, the Democratic party managed to hold onto the majority in that side of Congress.

It is believed that the economy, extremely high unemployment rate and a newly energized conservative party is to blame for the shift in parties during this mid-term election. Although the exit polls show that even though the Republicans fared well, the public is not satisfied with either of their choices.  Both parties received a 53 percent unfavorable rating.

It is expected that Rep. John Boehner will be the new Speaker of the House once the new Congress convenes. He has already spoken with President Obama regarding the need to work together for the country.

Republicans were strong in governors races as well. At least ten state seats were changed from Democrat to Republican in this election period.  The state elections could play a major role in redistricting that will be taking place.

This was the most expensive non-presidential election ever held. The cost topped out at $3.5 billion.

Americans want to see change but their biggest concern is the economy. In a poll conducted on the eve of the elections the economy weighed in as a top concern for 62 percent of those polled. This was higher than the other concerns combined. Health care (19 percent), immigration (8 percent) and the war in Afghanistan (7 percent) fell very far behind in the mind of the people. 75 percent of those polled felt things were going bad in the country.