Fans of Eli Roth’s work are in for disappointment.

“The Green Inferno”, an homage to cannibal movies of the 70’s, no longer has an official release date.

The brainchild of the Hostel franchise has been working on this film since 2012. But with its September date pulled, the future of the film in theaters remains in question.

None of the parties involved in the production of the film have commented as of this writing.

Theories are abound. According to various sources, Worldview Entertainment, commissioned to pay for advertising, placed a freeze on all decisions made by its former CEO. One such decision was to aid in financing the marketing of this movie.

With no finances from that angle, distribution company Open Road Films pulled the release date. Presumably, until a new financier can be relied upon.

It’s uncertain if Open Road Films will in fact pursue a wide theatrical release for their horror film. The option to move straight to DVD, or even Video On Demand, is not impossible.

Any fans of Roth’s work out there? Are you looking forward to this film? Let us know in the comments below.