After years of attempting to battle cancer, Elizabeth Edwards has lost the fight and died at the age of 61 on Tuesday at her home in Chapel Hill, NC.

The estranged wife of former NC Senator and former Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards was diagnosed in 2004 with breast cancer not long after he lost the vice presidential bid. She later shared that she had an idea beforehand that she had cancer but had kept the news from her husband during his campaign.

Edwards began treatment immediately and was thought to be in remission. In 2007 just as her husband began a 2008 presidential campaign, she discovered the disease had come back and had spread.

Elizabeth was born in Jacksonville, Florida as Mary Elizabeth Anania on July 3, 1949. She went to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and met her husband at the college’s law school.  They married on July 30, 1977.

The couple had four children together: Wade, Cate, Emma Claire and Jack. Wade was taken from them in an automobile accident in 1996.

Elizabeth has held a job as a clerk for U.S. District Court in Virginia and also as a bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh.

She has also written a book on dealing with her battle with cancer and the loss of her son.