Eminem’s following gets stronger everyday and his new title of Most Liked Living Person on Facebook proves how strong it is.

The rapper claimed the title from Lady Gaga this week who has had the honor since July of last year. Eminem currently has 28,883,000 likes while Gaga has 28,872,000. However, it is estimated that Slim Shady is receiving around half a million likes per week so the distance between the two will grow even further.

The Most Liked Person on Facebook distinction currently belongs to Michael Jackson whose page holds steady at 29.1 million likes. It is expected that Eminem will take over the title from the dead popstar within a day.

He still trails behind Gaga on YouTube for most views. Though he did hit the billion view mark recently. This put him as only the third artist to reach that milestone, following Gaga and Justin Bieber.