Emjoi Chic VS Sin Dolor – Which Rechargeable Epilator Is The Best?

Emjoi Chic VS Sin Dolor – Which Rechargeable Epilator Is The Best?

The new Emjoi Chic (on left) and the Sin Dolor epilators.

Today we are taking a look at two hair removing epilators made by Emjoi, the Emjoi Chic and the Sin Dolor.

Although both models deliver impressive results and have plenty to offer to someone who wants to remove hair at the follicle on a regular basis without spending a lot, there are some differences between the two.

I’ve used both and found that they deliver the best results, at the cheapest price, when compared to other rechargeable epilators that I have tried.

First, let’s be clear on what the Sin Dolor is – it’s the previous version of the Emjoi Chic.

When the new version of the Emjoi Chic came out, the previous version took on a name change and continued to be sold under the name Sin Dolor.

The newer Emjoi Chic is model number AY-SC.

The older model, now called the Sin Dolor, is model number AY-5.

Both are priced about the same, around $40 to $45, depending on the store. The newer model Emjoi Chic appears to cost slightly less than the Sin Dolor, perhaps because the Chic does not include an extra shaver head.

Both are rechargeable and come with a charging adapter. They can run cordless from battery or be used while plugged in.

Each comes with a drawstring travel pouch. The Chic includes a larger pouch that will hold both the adapter and epilator. The Sin Dolor’s pouch is too small to hold both items. They also come with a cleaning brush and instruction manual.

According to Emjoi, both versions use something called “silver-Ion technology,” which is said to be anti-microbial. Interestingly enough, Emjoi’s more expensive epilators, such as the Emjoi AP-18 model that sales for $80 online, also have this technology.

The new Emjoi Chic has a cheaper feel and appearance than the Sin Dolor.  However that doesn’t seem to play a role in the results. If anything, I’m a little more fond of the new version.

Despite the size difference, (the Sin Dolor is more compact than the new Chic) they both fit in the hand just the same, but the Chic seems easier to maneuver around body parts.

The Chic has fewer discs, 18, as opposed to the Sin Dolor’s 21, and is much quieter.

Clearly, the more tweezer discs, the faster the hair-removal process. But if you’re  price-conscious like me, it would seem insane to spend $80 on an epilator that has nothing more to offer than faster results when you can get one for $43 that takes a little more time.

However, if you plan to epilate large areas like the entire back or legs, then it’ll be more ideal to go with the more expensive epilator since it’ll take less time. If you only plan to epilate on small areas such as the bikini area, underarms or arms, then the cheaper option (Chic or Sin Dolor) might be sufficient.

In actual use, I found the older Sin Dolor to be more effective at removing ingrown hair, although not nearly all of them. It had the ability to lift the hair that was growing under the skin and tweeze them out. The new version doesn’t. This could be due to the extra 3 tweezer discs in the Sin Dolor.

But the new Chic is easier to use on folds and crevices like the inner thigh, since the head isn’t concave. It makes more contact with the skin and glides more smoothly than the Sin Dolor.

Both epilators have a tendency to grab loose skin, such as the skin around the elbow and bikini area, which sometimes results in small cuts.

As far as removing hair, both seem close in efficiency. I can’t tell much difference between the two, although there have been times when it seemed the newer Chic cut some of the hair off at the shaft rather than fully removing it.

Either way, both provide similar results when it comes to the actual removal of hair.

Overall, I like the new Emjoi Chic. It feels a little more gentle than the Sin Dolor. It’s a more painless process. Is easier to use in tough areas. And it costs a bit less.

Do you epilate?

If so, what epilator has been ol’ trusty for you? Leave your comments below!

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