According to ABC Action News, “The national average price for a gallon of gas has reached $3.38. That’s up 21 cents in just one week!”

Consumer concern over rising gas prices has inspired a new application called GasBuddy, which assists consumers to locate the gas station in close proximity and reports the gas price per gallon. The new application is intended to assist individuals on finding the best deals on gas without having to waste gas in their search. The American Automobile Association (AAA) developed the application and is offering it for free on their website along with other free applications such as TripTik for the Apple Iphone.

GasBuddy also has its own website at According to the GasBuddy website, “For every gas price reported, you’ll earn points towards our prize give-away.”

Prizes for give-away include gift certificates up to $250.00 in free gas.

The GasBuddy is currently available for download and is compatible with the following mobile devices: Apple Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, and Mobile Web.

In an attempt to assist consumers with knowledge of their regional gas prices, GasBuddy blog posts updates on US pricing per state. According to their website map the most expensive gas rates appear in the state of California, and along the western border of Nevada.