ESPNNEWS anchor Will Selva has been suspended indefinitely for plagiarizing words from a newspaper column in what ESPN and the anchor refer to as a huge mistake.

The Highlight Express anchor used words he obtained from Kevin Ding’s column in the Orange County Register in his script without offering credit to the original author. The original statement offered by Will Selva stated that he had been researching and had cut and pasted the words into his script and had simply forgotten  go back and write his own words.

Selva has been with ESPN as an anchor for three years. He has issued an apology to all concerned including his viewers and Ding for what he described as his own sloppiness.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said that the matter had been taken very seriously. He stated that the error was one that occurred from a lack of thoroughness on the part of Selva and not an intentional attempt to plagiarize.

The length of the suspension has been said to be an undisclosed amount of time.