Last night, Esurance announced the $1.5 Million winner of their #EsuranceSave30 Twitter contest, the video of which you can see below.

In fact, Esurance went a bit further than announcing the winner, but, instead, delivered the $1.5 million prize to the winner’s house during Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Although Esurance was sure to guard the privacy of their contest’s winner, we did learn a bit during the late night talk show.

The winner’s first name is John, he lives in Northern California, and he’s a fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

How do we know about his favorite football team, you may ask.  He was wearing a 49ers cap when he was surprised at his home.

He’s also 29 years old, recently married, and will have a child sometime in the near future.

Even though there were millions of entrants who didn’t win, there might be more chances to win some money in the future.

This was the first contest of its kind, but it definitely garnered a lot of attention for Esurance. Perhaps other companies would be willing to pay this amount of money as a prize to customers in order to get the feedback that Esurance did.

Are you disappointed about not being the prize winner?

Would you enter contests like this in the future?

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