EsuranceEver since Esurance aired its post-Super Bowl commercial with The Office star John Krasinski announcing that it would give away $1.5 million to one lucky winner, Twitter has been abuzz with excitement. author Todd Wasserman claims that Esurance’s contest got 2.1 million entries overall, with “200,000 of those Tweets [coming] in the first minute” after the commercial aired.

Tonight, February 5, 2014, the excitement finally comes to an end as Esurance announces its winner during Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.

Perhaps this will also bring to an end some confusion that came along with the contest.

Twitter accounts falsely claiming to be Esurance sprang up, also asking for followers and Retweets.

Although Twitter closed down these accounts as soon as possible, some people may have missed out on the opportunity to enter the contest because of the fraudulent accounts.

Did you enter the Esurance contest for $1.5 million?

Were you fooled by a fake Twitter handle claiming to be Esurance?

What would you do if you happened to be tonight’s winner?

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