Etsy On Sale

While browsing around, I found a site,, which consisted of the topics found on Etsy, just at discounted prices.

It has the outline of Etsy, consisting of vendors and consumers and areas such as music, weddings, and clothing. Not much information can quickly be found about the vendors, with the exception of a website for certain vendors.

The owners of are based from Chicago and the website claims that “Shoppers now have a site where they can easily connect with Etsy sellers who are offering promotions.”

While some of the discounts are not dramatic, such as a purple pendant marked from $45.00 to $40.50, others, like a leather guitar strap is marked from $325.00 to $276.25.

The most vibrant topic seems to be vintage, consisting of everything from cameras to a vibrant, red 1940’s party dress.

The site seems to have a less modern vibe than Etsy, but still seems to have some quality items.

Have you found any deals on Etsy on Sale? Or have you found it to be about the same as Etsy?

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