Fans of co-op gaming rejoice; Evolve, a game heavily based on teamwork, is slated to release February 15, 2015.

In a market heavily saturated with single player gaming, Evolve is sure to shine bright.  Sure, games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield exist with their online teams component, but it is Evolve that will truly get to the essence of teamwork.

Evolve is a game built around the sole purpose of working together.  It centers on the struggle between a towering behemoth of a monster and a squad of four uniquely specialized hunters.  The monster is both faster and stronger than any one of the hunters.  He also has the opportunity to evolve to an improved form mid-game.

The group must work together if they are to stand a chance at taking down the beast.  The fact that totally unique abilities are possessed by each of the four hunters makes teamwork unavoidable.  This gameplay becomes extremely rewarding as all skills are complimentary to those abilities of your fellow hunters.

A total reliance on each team member makes for a tantalizing upcoming title which will surely fill that cooperative aspect missing in many games today.

Under its hood, Evolve is essentially a game of cat and mouse, but in this case, the roles are constantly changing based on how well you work with others.