EZ-Weigh PetProPlus: The Newest Technology In Monitoring Pet Health

Documenting your pet’s health is about to become easier thanks to ProActive PetHealth’s EZ-Weigh PetProPlus – the newest technology in at-home pet health monitoring.

The EZ-Weigh PetProPlus is a food bowl/pet scale/health monitor made especially for cats and dogs.  The spill-proof bowl is nestled in a scale that doubles as a feeding platform, so your pet never knows she’s being weighed, and you can keep a daily journal on your pet’s weight.

A sudden change in weight is one of the first signs in many chronic and life-threatening illnesses – such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hip/joint problems, and kidney disease – which is why documenting your pet’s weight is so crucial.

Obesity in pets heightens the risk of being diagnosed with a chronic and/or life-threatening illness. Sadly, 54% of cats and dogs in the United States are classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarians.

Judy Coppola, the president of ProActive PetHealth, released this statement about the EZ-Weigh PetProPlus:

“We are pleased to offer this exciting, new, one-of-a-kind pet health product to the industry. Awareness, education, and pet food-nutrition products related to weight/obesity is at an all-time high and growing, and this product will be as integral in the home as the leash and litterbox are today.”

ProActive PetHealth is currently seeking capital partners and manufacturers to help broaden its production and distribution of EZ-Weigh PetProPlus. Information about retailers will be released once partners are found.

Do you plan on buying an EZ-Weigh PetProPlus when it hits the market? Does your pet have a weight issue? Let me know in the comments, and remember, the best product for your pets is the one that makes them happy and healthy!

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