Ever dream of  logging-into Facebook from work without worrying about getting in trouble? Well now you can- sort of.

Facebook, the King of social media is unveiling its newest venture, Facebook At Work starting today (Wednesday, January 14).

According to Android Authority the app is a business oriented social network site for companies to communicate internally with it’s employees.

It looks and functions just like Facebook does, allowing businesses to make announcements, share business info, send messages and more internally via the site.

As with Facebook, businesses will need to sign up and obtain log-in credentials.

At this time the app is free and without ads, but that could change depending on how well it does.

It will be available in the Google Play Store and iOS app store today, but only  for a small amount of select businesses.

If all goes well it will be available to companies everywhere in the near future.

Facebook At Work has actually been in development for 10 years and is how Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg communicates with his employees.

There are currently several business social network sites that provide the same service, like Slacker and Convo, but they are not as well-known as Facebook,  so this app is expected to be much more successful.

What do you think of Facebook at Work?  Do you think it is a good tool for companies?  Share your thoughts with us below.