Recently a large PR firm was found soliciting writers to write smears about Google. Burson-Marsteller was looking for anyone willing to write anti-Google stories, stating that it was for their client. Up until very recently, the client was kept confidential.

When the secret was finally told, it was Facebook who confessed their thwarted scheme to smear Google by hiring Burson-Marsteller. Facebook, it seems is rather upset that Google offers information about friends of friends, called “secondary contacts” by Google, that is derived from Facebook.

Social Circle is the latest in Google’s long list of tools offered to its customers. It is Google’s challenge to Facebook. According to Facebook, the new social engine is using information it gathers from Facebook in a manner that is inconsistent with Facebook’s terms of use.

Google, however, appears surprised at the allegation being made by Facebook and, at least for the moment, is refusing to respond, saying that they need time to consider their response.

In the mean time, Google continues to challenge Facebook’s number one spot as the world’s favorite social network. Google is working hard to make Social Circle strong enough to break Facebook’s seemingly invincible grip on the social world. Will Social Circle be able to break through that tight grip? Only time will tell.