Facebook users will begin to see new security features on the site, according to a Tuesday announcement.  The new features are set to help users protect their privacy when using the social networking site.

Facebook users who like to surf from their mobile phone will now have the ability to log off from their cell phone. This is an effort to help protect the privacy of those that log on while on the go.

Many have noticed that if a person fails to log out from one device and proceeds to log in with another, they remain logged into both. This can occur often and compromises a person’s security. Now if a person forgets to log out from someone else’s computer or another device, they can change that from their own.

Users simply have to go into the account settings page and see the devices they are logged in under. They can then shut down any that are unauthorized.  This feature has already been rolled out and is available to all users.

Another new feature to increase security is a one time temporary password. This is intended for those who use a public computer for their Facebook time. They can text to 32665 from a mobile device and they will be sent a one-time use password. The password can only be used once and expires in 20 minutes. This allows users to keep their real password secure and away from the hands of others. This feature is gradually being rolled out and will be available to all users within the next few weeks.