Private messaging is about to become obsolete on Facebook‘s mobile app.   Within the next few months direct messaging will only be available through Messenger for IOS or Android.

A representative for  Facebook confirmed that in the near future everyone will need to download Messenger to chat privately.

The social media giant has already notified some of its European users.  The switch should take place in the next two weeks for them.

There is a loophole though: If you have a Windows phone/tablet or an old model Android that cannot download Messenger due to limited memory, you can still direct message – for the time being.

The company’s redesigned , news-focused Facebook Paper, will also be exempt from switching for now.

Separating Messenger from Facebook will allow them to enhance the app with new features, such as voice recognition.

Mobile users may have noticed that when they currently go to private message on their Facebook app they are told to download Messenger.

This is in preparation of the upcoming change.

There is no official date of when this change will take effect.  Consumer Press will monitor the story and keep you updated.

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