Facebook & Twitter Have Joined Forces… Watch Out Google!

Recently, Facebook and Twitter have come to an agreement and joined forces to create an even better social networking experience. Google looks as if it may be in trouble!

Facebook, which has over 750 million active users at the moment, and Twitter, which has 100 million active users, have teamed up to create a new feature that allows its users to update their Twitter accounts via Facebook.

The new feature will enable users to post updates on both networking sites at the same time and will show updates from Facebook on Twitter, and vice versa. Users can even choose which types of updates they want to share on both Twitter or Facebook, whether it be only status updates, links and photos, or any combination really!

To enable this new feature, the user must visit facebook.com/twitter and link their Facebook page to their Twitter account. That simple!

The new Twitter and Facebook mashup might be a danger sign for Google, which looks as if it is competing against both Facebook and Twitter for the best social networking website with its own service called Google+.

Google+, which was recently launched earlier this year in late June, currently has over 25 million users and introduces services such as Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddles, and is currently available as a mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems.

Google+ is clearly Google’s biggest attempt to rival the social network king, Facebook. Will it reign victorious, or will it crumble in the shadows of Facebook and Twitter’s new camaraderie?

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