Facebook’s New Buy Button

Facebook is in the headlines once again with the latest feature it has begun testing.

The Buy Button, as it will be known, allows for shoppers to make purchases through small and medium sized companies without ever leaving Facebook’s website or application.

Shoppers will have a choice between purchasing with a credit card and storing the card on file for future transactions, or use a credit card without storing the info.

If this tool proves to be successful, Facebook could charge businesses commission to use the feature and make revenue from it, no doubt. The button also looks promising for consumers.

Businesses would have the opportunity to create an all in one kind of platform for their online marketing through Facebook.

They would have the page, the advertising and the capability to interact with their customers in real-time via posts, shares and chat.

Shoppers would see easier purchasing flows, better turnaround time, and have the ability to not only voice concerns and feedback through the company’s page, but also contact those responsible for supporting sales.

The tool is definitely impressive. The real test is whether or not Facebook can tweak it properly to draw in shoppers and businesses alike.