Faith Restored in Disney with Release of X-Wing and Tie Fighter PC Games

My faith has been restored in Disney these days. The PC games X-Wing and Tie Fighter have now been released on, a site renown for its resurrection of older games as well as DRM free content. The releases prove a feat Lucasfilm was unable to accomplish.

Disney and I have had love/hate relationship in the past. When it came to the classics like Snow White or the Little Mermaid, quite frankly they were doing it wrong. They took old Grimm’s Fairy Tales and made them more lighthearted and happier, thus neglecting the overall lesson learned from the original story that made them grim in the first place. And when I heard that Lucasfilm sold the rights of Star Wars to Disney, I could feel my stomach churning.

However, Disney has done well with Marvel thus far. My only concern with the current superhero flicks were submitting them into a bland monotony that only appeals to kids and not being able to dig themselves out from that. I was afraid that they would do this with Star Wars as well, but now I say otherwise.

The PC games X-Wing and Tie Fighter, both shining stars from the golden age of the Space Sim genre have now been resurrected. Both games are now available for $10 each at But if you heed my advice, you are getting bang for your buck.

Both games have been tweaked to run on modern systems and can be played with an Xbox 360 controller. That’s not the only reason you should be purchasing them – both offers basically give you two separate games for the price of one.

X-Wing was released in 1994 on floppy disk, and CD-Rom a year later. The game was then remastered (along with Tie Fighter) to use 3D acceleration devices in 1998. If you purchase either X-Wing or Tie Fighter, then you basically get both original releases and remastered versions.

Both games have taken forever to be re-released. Because of the original rights, neither were available to be sold again, but Disney has accomplished this feat being the empire that it is.

Now that Disney has taken the controls, X-Wing and Tie Fighter enthusiasts are now able to fly once again, paving the way to the rebirth of the Space Sim genre we are heading into with the future releases of Star Citizen and No Man’s Land.

Faith restored!

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