Falling Skies S3 2-Hour Premiere Recap – Live

Falling Skies S3 2-Hour Premiere Recap – Live

Falling Skies Season 3 Premiere recapThe Falling Skies season 3 premiere answered one question really quick – the new alien that showed up at the end of season 2 is a friendly.

Second thing we learn – Tom Mason is now the president!

And Anne is bursting at the seams – ready to download a baby any minute now.

The cool thing is that the new alien (Cochise) seems to have brought along some new tech. Both weapons and medical devices that can remove harnesses much better than the previous cut and pry method.

At the end of season 2, Hal got bugged. Now he’s in a wheelchair (reason, unknown) and perhaps in the enemy camp. Karen calls, and he’s there (though in a dream). Our heroes know that there’s a mole in the camp, as their last foray ended in an ambush. But they have no idea that it’s Hal.

During part one of the season 3 premiere, we learn that Earth is just a bystander in a larger war between the Volm (the new aliens) and the  Espheni (the current aliens that have enslaved the skitters and human children). We also learn that the new Espheni Overlord… is Karen.

There’s a new structure outside of Charleston. It’s built by the Volm. The humans aren’t sure how many are there – 20 or so is the guess – but they’ve been secretive. More are supposedly on the way.

Manchester, who has been put in charge of figuring out who the mole is, finds out – when someone walks into his office and assassinates him. He sees who it is…. but we don’t.

Anne has her baby, a girl, soon afterwords.

Hal goes back into dreamland, where again he meets Karen for an intimate interlude. But is it a dream? Hal’s boots have been used – did he really walk out and meet Karen in person?

At the end of part 1, we find that the Volm have been building a huge device. a gun, but there are hints it’s not “just” a gun.

Part 2 starts… Pope is restless, some doubt he’ll stay on with our group (though he owns a bar in town now). And Maggie is suspicious. She knows Karen did something to Hal, and suspects he’s been walking in his sleep.

The Espheni are using a nuclear plant to make mega-mechs. A plan is drawn up to attack it.

Meanwhile – Anne’s baby (Alexis) is being really, really, creepy. At a week old, Anne is hearing her say “mommy” and playing hide and seek. Yikes! But so far, Anne is the only one that has seen this behavior.

Tom just picked up Alexis… wil she say “daddy?” (she didn’t).

With help from a crazy guy that works in the basement under Charleston, the second Mass heads to the plant to do battle. But the mole strikes again. Copies the plans, and sends a “bug” back to the enemy with the info. But there is a second part of the plan. It was assumed that the plans would be leaked. Weaver’s group was ambush bait.

As they assault the plant, seems the children there, harnessed and exposed to radiation, are barely recognizable as human.

Tom and crazy guy manage to shut down the nuclear reactor by crossing some wires under the control panel. Charges are set, and the reactor is blown.

Pope figures out that Weaver’s group, which he was a part of, were sacrificial lambs to mislead the mole. And he ain’t happy about it. But he, Weaver, and all the other main characters survive in that group. Lars was with Tom’s group and was bit by a harnessed kid. He dies.

Weaver has been voicing his doubts about the Volm. Just as he’s talking to Tom in a post battle de-briefing of sorts, in walks Cochise. He congratulates them, then warns that the Epheni are massing their forces to attack Charleston with everything they’ve got.

Maggie awakens to find Hall gone. She finds him walking in the woods. She wakes him, and he is able to walk back with her… under the glare of Karen, who is watching.

In the preview for next week – he’s telling Maggie that Karen controls him…

That’s a wrap for the live Falling Skies season 3 premiere recap.

What did you think of tonight’s shows? I’m leaning toward an… “ok.” Maybe I was expecting too much for them starting off a new season. It was good, but not great. Though it could be that I was watching and writing at the same time, which prevents me from fully getting into the feel of the show.

But do you agree? Leave your thoughts below!

PS: Next week, Falling Skies will be in it’s regular 10pm Sunday time-slot on TNT.