‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ “Date of Death”: Recap & Review

‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ “Date of Death” begins with a familiar moral dilemma: should thriving survivors share their resources with desperate strangers?

Madison’s selfish act threatens everyone around her: now, strangers strain the gait, seeking refuge in her hotel. Travis emerges from the throng of desperate outsiders and in one cruel moment, Madison and the others help him slide through the gates. Meanwhile, parents beg for the lives of their small children.

Since Madison and the others refuse to share with the refugees, they are at greater risk of losing their resources. The relatively small mob begged, but what happens when their numbers grow and their desperation peaks? Can the gates withstand the weight? And can Madison withstand the weight of her error?

In a strategic maneuver, the group relinquishes and brings in the first 43 survivors. While Alycia and the others weed out the threats, Travis and Madison share. Travis shares his guilt over allowing Chris to run off with another sociopath, Brandon.

Madison is no stranger to guilt: her addict son has been a consistent source of worry, doubt, and suffering. But she’s now dealing with the fallout of losing sight of everyone but Nick. Madison makes amends with Alycia by sharing the truth of her first husband’s suicide with Alycia.

Will Travis make the same mistake? Will he put the hotel community at risk when Chris inevitably shows up at the hotel gates, Brandon in tow? Hopefully, Travis experiences an epiphany similar to Madison’s. Letting Chris and his new alliance in will put everyone at risk. They are sure to reek havoc on the fledgling encampment with their “no rules,” kill-or-be-killed philosophy.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ challenges the responsibility of parents. Yes, parents should stand by their children, try to reach them.  If that child is dangerous to not only the parent, but to innocent community members, then the parent must make the unconventional call. But will Travis’s moral compass allow him to put the hotel community first, protecting them from his son- a known murderer?

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ remains unremarkable. Madison and Travis’s reunion was anticlimactic; Chris’s descent, predictable. The primary moral dilemma, too, was expected as was the hotel community’s reaction to the quandary.

Previews for the next episode of ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ show trouble is on the horizon for both Nick and the hotel community. Will Nick find his way to the hotel? Will his arrival upset Alycia and Madison’s newfound strength and bond? Or will they remove themselves from Nick’s baggage?

Bradon and Derek are at the gates, but Chris is notably absent. Is Chris scouting the hotel from a different  angle while Derk and Brandon hit the gate? Will the hotel survivors invite the violent trio inside, unbeknownst to Travis?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’? Will you tune in next week? You can leave your insights, comments, and predictions in the comment section.

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