Fear The Walking Dead Ep. 2 Recap: What’s Making Everyone Sick???

What is making everyone sick??

That’s the big question viewers are wondering after episode 2 of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’.

Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ have long been told that whatever makes you a zombie is IN you – whether you get bit or not when you die you turn.

So what is infecting all these people, most of whom have not been bit?

And why are only some people getting “infected”?

Hopefully, we’ll know soon enough, but for right now it’s fun to just watch and wait.

Episode 2  featured a lot more action, of both the “infected” and psychological kind, to produce one really great hour of TV (and make me patient enough for an answer to that question).

Titled “So Close Yet So Far’ the show played with that idea throughout, as the characters struggled to understand and accept what they were seeing.

And before you say it’s far-fetched that people don’t believe take a moment and think about it: would you?

You might say yes, especially since you watch these shows, but the truth is a vast majority of us probably would react like these characters- which is what makes the show work.

As tonight’s show started viewers begin to see the panic set in as people start stocking up and rioting.

There are sporadic reports of people being shot and not dying, but as Nick points out, the news outlets are downplaying all the craziness.

Luckily, Madison and Travis are smart enough to be afraid and try to protect their family, so they decide to take then out of town .

First though, they need to get Alicia, who finally found her boyfriend Matt, sick and burning up with fever.

While viewers were probably screaming “run”, Alicia was digging in her heels as her mom and Travis tried to get her to stay away from him.

They manage to get her to leave Matt alone and get better and come with them, but that’s just the first of many obstacles.

See, so close yet so far…

In addition to dealing with Alicia they must also contend with Nick, who’s having some bad withdrawals and Travis needs to find his son and tell him what’s happening.

After Liza, his ex-wife, refuses to let him speak to their son because it’s not hos weekend Travis sets out to locate him.

Which we all know in shows like this is a BAD move- you ever separate!!!

Too bad his son, Chris, is in the city among a group of protesters, who saw a video of an infected man being shot repeatedly and perceive it as police brutality.

Madison, meanwhile, realizes Nick needs medicine and with 911 and the doctors lines not responding she sets out to grab some.

She leaves Alicia to care for Nick and heads for the school, where she finds Tobias, who has a stockpile of supplies and plans to hole up until this passes.

Tobias also begins to explain (more like foreshadow) what’s coming and lays out how society will fall apart.

Madison once again ignores what he’s saying, until they encounter the principal Artie, who is infected (and hungry).

Tobias tells her to run, but she tries to help Artie, who goes to attack her.

Tobias starts to stab him (proving he’s one brave “nerd”), but they end up falling down the stairs.

As Artie and Tobias struggle Madison manages to shake off her disbelief, grab a fire extinguisher and bash his head in (although it took her long enough).

While all this is happening Alicia decides to leave Nick and go back to Matt’s, until Nick starts to convulse and foam at the mouth.

Little does she know her brother’s sickness saved her…

Travis also does some saving, as he and Liza manage to find Chris just as all hell breaks loose.

The police begin to move in in riot gear and shoot another infected, sending the crowd running.

Travis, Liza and Chris manage to find refuge with a nice couple, leaving Travis unable to get back home.

Madison does get home, but Tobias refuses to stay with her.

As he leaves she sees an eerie image as a car passes with a little girl in the back wearing a scary face mask.

Travis manages to call Madison, and as everyone’s “fear” begins to mount, they lose the connection.

As the show ends they are truly, so close, yet so far, as they struggle to stay calm amid the mounting chaos.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

What do you think is making everyone sick?

Tell us your opinion in the comments below and be sure to follow all my latest TV and streaming reports on Twitter.

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