‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Ep. 201, “Monster” Loose Lips Sink Ships

Perhaps Madison should have taught her daughter, Alicia, never talk to strangers. Alicia’s loose lips could sink luxury yacht, Abigail.Was she desperate for contact, or was she simply a reckless teenager?

Sure, Jack may have keen musical taste– points for playing Bowie classic, “Five Years,” but it should take more than that for a gal to drop her apocalyptic guard. He manages to manipulate naive Alicia to give up just enough information to put her and her group in danger.

Speaking of stupid kids, what’s up with Chris? I get that he’s mourning the loss of his mother. And it must be tough to watch your dad gun down your soon to be zombie mom, but plunging into the ocean for a swim during the zombie apocalypse is probably never a great idea. Especially when a capsized boat, riddled with bullet holes bobs in a nearby mist.

The sound decision making continues when Nick swims out after Chris. It isn’t long before there’s proof of what we suspected– life on the high seas during the zombie apocalypse is unsustainable.

The group has greater concerns than floating undead predators; last I checked, they couldn’t fire a weapon. As Chris bobs below the capsized boat, the sun shines through a multitude of bullet holes. Thanks to Alicia, those marauders are hot on Strand’s heels. Maybe Strand should have laid out the “my boat, my rules” standard earlier.

Strand’s understanding of the current situation is somewhat suspicious. Abigail, after all, was anchored far offshore before Strand was locked away with Nick.

He’s also incredibly wealthy. Does this combination of facts indicate Strand was privy to coming events before they came to fruition? Is it possible that he is part of whatever caused the virus and the subsequent outbreak and societal collapse?

Salazar, too, suspects Strand. If there’s one person, besides Strand, that I’d want to stay on the right side of, it’s razor-wielding Salazar. Will his suspicions prompt a coup, the likes of the revolution of Salazar’s past?

Much of “Monster” concentrates on the dangers of fear… fear of shedding enough humanity to survive. It’s evident that the not-so-subtle subtext is the inevitability of  characters having to reconcile themselves with their inner monsters.

The show demonstrates the failure to embrace primal instincts is a prescription for endangering all you hold dear. Take note Alicia– stop flirting on the radio… there’s always an ulterior motive from here on out!

Previews for ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ Episode 202 features land battles and Salazar entertaining the option of absconding with Strand’s boat. Does the group do battle with Jack, or is Jack part of the undead group bobbing in the waves?

You can share your insights, questions, and gripes in the comment section. What did you think of tonight’s episode of ‘Fear’?

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