Fear the Walking Dead Episode 2: The Beginning of the End Heats Up

The second episode of Fear the Walking Dead was wrought with heightened tension and increased violence. The beginning of the end is at hand.

Madison, though seemingly callous, seems to have what it takes to survive the end of civilization. So far, she’s stolen drugs to curb her son’s, Nick, withdrawal symptoms; bludgeoned her former boss; and  stopped her daughter, Alicia, from helping an infected boyfriend and a neighbor in peril.

When Alicia hears her neighbor scream, she and Madison see one of the infected pounce on the shadowy woman. As Alicia goes to run to the woman’s aid, Madison blocks her and locks the door. Is Madison right to keep Alicia inside? Was there anything she or Alicia could do to help?

Alicia will likely be the heart of the group as civilization continues to collapse. She was prepared to stay and help her infected boyfriend; luckily, he sent her away to be with her family. She did attempt to leave home to go and help him while Madison and Travis were out, but her efforts were thwarted when her brother began to vomit and convulse. Will her compassion be a detriment to her or her family’s survival?

Alicia’s instinct is contrary to Nick who has already endured two encounters with the infected . Nick survived the second encounter by killing his assailant, consequently saving his mother and Travis. Will Nick and his survival instinct be an asset to the group, or will his addiction continue to put everyone’s safety at risk?

Meanwhile, Travis went to find his son Christopher. He finds Christopher just in time. Travis, Christopher, and Elizabeth (Travis’s ex-wife) find themselves in the middle of a riot.

Restless citizens react to a police shooting; too bad the citizens didn’t understand why officers would gun down an infected homeless man. During the protest, a female officer takes down a female punk zombie- somehow that escaped the crowd’s attention.The concentration of people and violence in an already densely populated city sets the stage for a rapid spread of disease.

Travis and his family find shelter with a barber shop owner, Daniel Salazar, and his family. Salazar was reluctant to help, but his wife and daughter reassure him, so the Ortiz/Manawa rides out the first night of riots in relative safety. Will a larger group improve Travis and Madison’s chances of survival, or will a larger group become a liability?

Travis tells Madison to run to the desert and he will meet her there. A bad phone connection brings their conversation to an abrupt halt, but it seems as though Madison will stay put. Should she go ahead of him to the desert, or wait for him while Nick recovers?

Commercials for Episode 3 show greater tumult. Travis and his family must flee Salazar’s shop and maneuver through the chaotic streets of Los Angeles. Will he and Madison reunite? Would it be better for Salazar and Travis’s families to stick together or to part ways?

The next episode of Fear the Walking Dead airs in two weeks on AMC at 9 PM. What did you think of tonight’s episode? You can share you opinion and predictions in the comment section.

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