AMC has released a new trailer for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, giving fans an exclusive inside look at their vision for the show.

A majority of the footage has been seen already, but now it is accompanied by the producers, creators and actors on the show, along with their take on what we’re seeing.

It gives those planning to watch a unique preview on what to expect and also gives a better understanding of these new, unfamiliar characters in a somewhat unfamiliar world.

As explained by producer Dave Erickson, the show is set in Los Angeles and while it won’t explain HOW the zombie virus occurs, it WILL show it as it occurs and how society slowly but surely breaks down as a result.

The initial episodes will take place during the 5 weeks Rick (TWD) was in a coma, giving fans of TWD franchise their first real look at how the walkers took over.

Based on the clips and the insights of Erickson and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, this show will delve deep into how people react, or fail to react to what many refuse to believe is even possible.

They also make it very clear that this show, while tied to the original, is meant to stand alone and while there will be walkers, they are not the real focus.

As Hurde explains, this show is in a totally different setting from the original series- Los Angeles, with over 14 million people, and at least initially the show will center on their thoughts and fears to what are being called “the infected”.

Although TWD fans know what they are, these characters have no clue.

AS told by the main characters, Daniel Salazar (played by Rueben Blades) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), these are ordinary, struggling people who would never imagine this in their wildest dreams.

Daniel and Madison are a couple trying to blend their families and as they do the apocalypse breaks out, turning everything upside down.

Many will wonder whether the infected can be saved or will believe they are not a threat.

That’s because these walkers, who have just turned, will look almost life-like, the total opposite of the rotting corpses “Walking Dead” fans know and love.

The power and allure of this show will be watching how humanity reacts to these vile beings, who may not be half as vile as the people trying to survive- at any cost.

You can check out the trailer for ‘Fear The Walking Dead: An Inside Look’, below and tell us what you think.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premieres Sunday, August 23rd on AMC.

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