Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Opening Scene

Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Opening Scene

So that’s why Nick was running for his life….

AMC premiered the opening scene for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ earlier today exclusively on their Facebook page, and it shows why Nick is running in all those trailers (and why everyone else should too!).

The scenes runs 3-minutes and 22 seconds and while it is short on dialogue, it’s big on mystery and tension; you can view it here

It features Nick coming to in what appears to be a church: one that has been ransacked and is full of garbage.

Nick looks like he has been partying hard and once he manages to stand up he starts to explore the place, calling for Gloria as he goes.

With each step the tension mounts as both he and the viewers get the sense something isn’t right.

He soon stumbles upon a guy in a stairwell with his throat ripped and starts to panic.

A few seconds later he finds Gloria crouched over and as he goes to tell her they have to get out of there, she turns to reveal she is infected and is feeding off a guy on the floor.

It’s an intriguing, intense, opening scene and sets the tone for what looks to be an exciting 6-episodes.

What do you think of the opening scene for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premieres Sunday, August 23rd, at 9 P.M. (EST) on AMC.

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