‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is a show about zombies, but do fans have something more to fear?

There is only one thing scarier than a zombie in the world of TV and that’s a bad review, which is what the show is getting after early previews.

Critics from various outlets, including Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, were given a viewing of the first 2 episodes (along with a sneak peek at the 3rd) and while it’s not being slammed the show is not getting rave reviews either.

The general consensus is that the show is slow moving (no zombies) and the characters don’t grab your attention- at least not yet.

It is also being compared with ‘TWD’ and coming up short in many areas- which may or may not be fair.

Comparisons are inevitable, but these 2 shows are drastically different, from location to story concept.

‘FTWD’ takes place in Los Angeles, giving viewers a whole new landscape for walkers to eventually take over.

More importantly though, this show is markedly different because there are no zombies in the beginning- we must wait and watch for the horror we know is coming.

The “fear” is that viewers will be bored and won’t continue to watch as the show initially feels more like a standard drama than a walker fest.

I understand that concern, as many viewers are probably expect decaying walkers early on, but I think to dismiss the show early on would be a mistake.

Now I have not seen the full episodes, but based on previews I’ve viewed and  my experience with ‘TWD” I would imagine it would start off quite slow, as the world has no idea what is coming.

I can imagine that people will be in denial until denial isn’t an option: I watch TWD and even I would have a hard time believing there were zombies roaming the street.

That’s one of the reasons I am interested in watching FTWD: I want to see how people become aware of what’s happening.

I want a front-row seat when the world crumbles and people turn into “the infected”, as they’re called here, for the first time.

I also think that showing people in their everyday lives prior to the world being overrun with walkers will give the show layers and truly invest viewers in the long run.

It may not make for the most gripping television, but it will give what’s to come a much bigger wow factor.

As for the notion that the characters are boring or not compelling,  if that is the case that could be an issue.

I think it is a bit too early to say that for sure, but that is just my opinion.

Two episodes is not a lot of time to connect to the characters, especially if there is nothing really dramatic happening to make viewers root for them.

Personally, I was intrigued by the clips I saw and am looking forward to learning more about these people.

Yes, fans were instantly enamored with Rick Grimes and company, but lightning usually doesn’t strike twice in the same place.

That’s not to say viewers won’t love these characters just as much, it just means it may take them a little longer to warm up to them.

Initially, fans may be anxious for some action, but the beauty of ‘FTWD’, unlike TWD,  is supposed to be the journey to discovering that walkers exist.

So maybe we should all stop comparing the 2 shows, as they are meant to stand on their own, and see what happens after the first season.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ premieres on Sunday, August 23rd on AMC- you can check out the trailer from Comic-Con below.

Will you be watching FTWD? What do you think of the critics’ reviews?

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