‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ “Pablo & Jessica”: Recap and Review

In the episode’s opening flashback, Madison and Victor survive an undead horde by smothering themselves in a walker’s blood. Nick would be so proud.

It isn’t long before Alicia tumbles through the duo’s safe haven with Elana and Hector. But there’s still no sign of Ofelia.

Did Ofelia run for it in the group’s truck or did a band of strangers take her hostage? There’s no shortage of new faces in the last two episodes, so a kidnapping scenario is entirely possible.

Alternatively, she may have believed Alicia, Madison, and Victor were goners and skedaddled.

Meanwhile, Nick, the “junkie,” bonds with Alejandro, the pharmacist, as they cut a narcotic supply to extend trade inventory. But will the scheme solve their Marco problem? Alejandro expresses gratitude to Nick with his origin story.

Turns out, Alejandro earned his legendary zombie- bite- survivor status by helping another young male junkie who was mistaken for a zombie. An angry mob unwittingly fed the young man to the dead and Alejandro intervened. Is Alejandro telling the truth?

If he did  survive the bite, his immunity adds a new twist to the ‘Walking Dead’ franchise’s lore. It’s more likely that the boy he set out to help bit him in all the confusion.

Luckily for Alejandro, his survival made him a Christ figure. But was that a calculated move on his part?

Alejandro also gives Nick a place of his own in Colonia. Did he give him a home because he suspects Nick’s disbelief or because he is genuinely grateful for his help?

So far, Alejandro is a somewhat benevolent dictator, the best kind. But is he feigning balance? Will his true colors emerge when the Colonia is threatened? Let’s face it, Nick’s plan will likely fail. Nothing gold can stay in the ‘Walking Dead’ universe.

Back at the hotel, Madison proves she’s the toughest of the bunch when she leads the remaining hotel zombies down a long pier. Like lemmings, the dead follow her off the pier’s edge into the rip-tide.

With the hotel clear, she plans to fortify the gates and make the hotel home. So now it’s time for all the survivors in the hotel to bury the hatchet and begin anew. And to bond, starting with Victor and Pablo.

While the rest of the hotel survivors break bread, Pablo is absent. Intuitively, Victor heads to the honeymoon suite and finds Pablo guarding the suite’s door. Inside, Jessica (Pablo’s undead bride) lurks. Victor is all too familiar with Pablo’s brand of grief and gently gains Pablo’s trust, or so it seems.

The episode concludes before Victor puts Jessica to rest. Will Pablo intervene, reviving the newly quieted vendetta between the hotel factions?

Madison emerges the clear leader of the group. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is a series that builds strong female protagonists, which is one of its saving graces. Alicia is a fierce independent survivor as are Luciana and Elana. All of them take control. And that’s pretty great.

Now that the hotel is clear of the walking dead, it won’t be long until real danger arrives at the gate. The beacon of security and resources is sure to attract other survivors.

Hopefully, ‘FearTWD’ doesn’t recycle ‘The Walking Dead’ scenarios, like the battle for the prison or Alexandria. Let’s hope they add a new twist to the familiar territory struggle.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’? You can leave your predictions, questions, and insights in the comment section.

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