Fear The Walking Dead: Episode Titles & Previews For Season 1

Have no fear, the walkers are coming…

AMC has released the episode titles and synopses for season 1 of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and for those who were complaining about there being no zombies good news: they’re coming, sooner than you think.

Here is a preview of what’s ahead for this season, along with our guesses for what it all means:

Episode 2 – “So Close, Yet So Far”:

This episode will delve deeper into dealing with Nick’s drug addiction (my guess he will be having some serious withdrawals with Cal dead) as the “virus” begins to slowly spread.

Travis will also be front and center, trying to find his own son as Los Angeles begins to plunge into chaos.

Promo’s for the show have shown Travis and Madison separated (physically) at some point: based on the title and episode 3’s synopsis I’m guessing this is when it happens.

Episode 3 – “The Dog”:

This episode will feature a big riot towards the end, as the synopsis says that: “after a big riot Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars”.

So Madison and Travis are definitely apart and trying to survive on their own

Based on coming attractions it looks like this riot is all about the people of L.A., who are acting out of fear of what’s happening.

Episode 4 – “Not Fade Away”:

In this episode the riots have calmed down as the National Guard moves in, but everything is quickly deteriorating.

Expect to see families try to regroup and function in this “new” world while the National Guard attempts to stop what’s happening.

My guess is the title refers to the “infected”, or walkers, not going away.

Episode 5 – “Cobalt”:

Not sure about the meaning of the title but the synopsis says the plan of the National Guard is revealed and that Madison and Travis must make a difficult decision.

Since we all know the walkers win in the end I’m guessing the NG’s plan is a bust.

As for the difficult decision, I think someone close to them becomes infected and they must decide whether or not to put them down.

I’m voting for Travis’ ex-wife or Madison’s student from episode 1, but it could be anyone.

Episode 6 – “The Good Man”:

This is the pay-off moment for fans as we will see civilization fall and the walkers take over.

I’m guessing Travis will be front and center this episode based on the title and will be caught in a lot of close moments as he helps those around him try to stay safe.

What do you think about the upcoming episodes of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

Tell us your predictions below and be sure to follow all my latest TV and streaming reports on Twitter.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ airs Sundays at 9 P.M. (EST) on AMC.

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