Fear TWD, Ep.10 “Do Not Disturb” Recap and Review

Fear TWD introduces new dangers in Ep. 10, “Do Not Disturb” as it shifts its focus to Alicia, Chris, and Travis.

Alicia, who has been separated from her Mother, Madison, finds an ally in Elana, a quick thinking survivor with the keys to the kingdom, or at least the hotel in which Alicia and her group is hold up.

“Do Not Disturb” begins at the inception of the infection. Elana contained the threat by locking a wedding party, along with its infected, in the hotel’s banquet hall. Logically, she had to  mind the well being of the other hotel guests.

Still, her instincts earn her ill will with the wedding party survivors. Elana is outnumbered, but she has expertise on her side. And Alicia, who has become a feisty force to reckon with.

By the end of the episode, Alicia  saves Elana and reunites with Madison and Strand with the undead hot on her heels. How long will Elana stay with Alicia? Will Madison and Strand accept her?

Meanwhile, Travis learns there may be no saving Chris. In the company of three shifty newcomers (Brandon, Derek, and Baby James) Chris revels in brutality. Not only does he brag about his kill totals, but he adds to it in the trio’s company.

Accosted by a gun-wielding farmer intent on protecting his land, Chris shows Travis that he is truly lost. Travis urges Chris and the trio to leave and respect the farmer, but Chris fires a lethal shot at the man.

Yes, the farmer did shoot Baby James’ leg, but it wasn’t a lethal shot and, in the farmer’s defense, B.J did snap a chicken’s neck in an effort to intimidate him. Killing the farmer was gratuitous. Chris is a dangerous punk.

Will Travis see the futility in trying to save Chris and seek out Madison? Will Chris choose to stay with Brandon, Derek, and Baby James or will he go with Travis?

Fear TWD is off to a slow start in season 2, but tonight’s episode finally amped up the tension. It is good to see Alicia evolve from sniveling, angsty teen to butterfly knife wielding, cool, calculated survivor.

It’s also terrifying to see Chris unravel. Would Chris have eventually become a violent offender without the apocalypse? Sure, killing zombies is (at times) a necessity, but Chris actively seeks out opportunities to kill.

Killing seems to give Chris a sense of power or control. Could his penchant for violence and anger with his father spell trouble for Travis? Is Chris vulnerable to Brandon’s influence or should Brandon watch his back with a new alpha dog on the scene?

“Do Not Disturb” leaves plenty of loose ends, the most glaring being Ofelia’s whereabouts. Did Ophelia kill herself, join the wedding party survivors, or lock herself in one of the hotel rooms? Or was she kidnapped? If she was kidnapped, who could’ve taken her?

Episode 10 built a fair amount of tension; hopefully, episode 11 will capitalize on it. Sadly, scenes from the next episode seem to shift back to Nick and Colonia.

Alejandro, Colonia’s leader, is a compelling character, one who may change zombie lore as pop culture knows it. But is he nothing more than a cult leader, exploiting the faith of his community?

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