‘Fear TWD’ Season 1 Finale: Save Yourself And Let Others Drop Behind

Save yourself and let others drop behind is the motto of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’s’ Season 1 finale. What kind of person unleashes a horde of 2,000 zombies on a crowd of unsuspecting people? Daniel Salazar does not hesitate to unleash the flesh hungry horde in the name of family.

The gates of the military compound quickly collapse under the weight of the undead and chaos ensues. Little does Salazar know, his mission is already lost– infection claimed his wife long before he determined the fate of everyone in the compound. You really can’t save everyone.

That much is abundantly clear as Nick and Strand escape their cell. In the background, shots and screams swell, and the two shady survivors turn deaf ears to other detainees who beg for help. Strand tells his young protege, “Helping them can hurt us.” A seemingly callous sentiment that rings true in the case of Travis.

Travis, the character with the weightiest conscience, decides to release Corporal Adams, the soldier Daniel tortured for information. Adams pleaded for his life after he gave Travis and the others a map of the compound…Travis relented and secretly set him free. He will soon regret his merciful act.

The group, after fighting its way through a horde, learning of Mrs. Salazar’s death, and realizing it is entirely on its own regroups in a subterranean parking garage. Once united with Alicia and Chris, who were moments earlier car jacked and assaulted by soldiers, Adams steps from the shadows with a gun to confront his torturer, Daniel Salazar.

Daniel’s daughter, Ofelia -Adam’s former love interest, intervenes. Adam’s fires and hits Ofelia and Travis quickly feels the rage of no good deed goes unpunished. Travis tackles Adams and savagely beats him in the face. His son and the others watch in shock as the optimistic pacifist shows he may just have what it takes to survive the ugly new world.

Still when Liz, Travis’ ex-wife, discovers she’s infected- she asks Madison to kill her. She tells Madison not to let Travis do it– it will break him. Madison uttered the same sentiment when she lamented her infected neighbor, Susan. Travis happens upon the two women and learns the disturbing truth about the mother of his only son and he initially resists the inevitable.

Travis reluctantly takes the gun and mercifully shoots Liz…and all dialogue ceases. The final moments of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 1 finale are a musical series of dramatic cuts. Travis, dazed, wanders to the ocean and falls to his knees. Chris runs to the sound of the shot and huddles over his mother’s lifeless body. Madison kneels behind Travis and the two clutch onto each other.

How will Travis change now that he is inadvertently responsible for Ofelia’s close call and his ex-wife’s blood is on his hands? The camera cuts to the vast sea and fades to black leaving the audience with enough questions to occupy them until Season 2.

Another interesting aspect of the finale is brought to viewers by Strand. Strand led the group to his luxurious oceanfront home and told Nick that he was going to find Abigail.

Turns out, Abigail is a yacht that Strand has anchored quite a distance from the shore. His home also runs on a backup system that kicks on when the power grid collapses. Strand is oddly prepared for the apocalypse. Did he perhaps play a role in whatever started the zombie infection?

What did you think of the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 1 finale? You can leave your insights and questions in the comment section.

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