Leaked images of iPhone 6 renderings, mockups, and case designs have been circulating in profusion across the internet since last year.

Chinese Authorities are reportedly enforcing tighter security around various Foxconn factories and electronic accessory retailers. These actions are believed to be at the direct request of Apple.

Sonny Dickson asserts that last week Apple hired as many as 200 Chinese security officers to help track down and intercept iPhone 6 accessory manufactures and trades.

In a followup entry, Dickson claims that this security ensemble actively and publicly raided the YuanWang Mall in order to catch smugglers of stolen Apple merchandise and iPhone 6 accessories.

Apple is well-known for its desire to reveal new products only at the company’s own discretion. However, Apple’s popularity, as well as the high price tags the company puts on its devices, have made it a target for product and information theft in recent years.

Apple’s China-based manufacturing partners are believed to be the weak-point in the company’s ability to keep details of its future projects under wraps. Apple undoubtedly has less control over information leaks in China than it might if it manufactured in the United States. Perhaps recent events in China will cause Apple to consider more domestic options. The company has already shifted the assembling of the Mac Pro to Fort Worth, Texas.

Will Apple ever pull out of China completely? Should they?

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