The Fiesta Bowl”s website, which is the official site of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the Insight Bowl, and the Festival of College Football, remains down as of this morning. The Fiesta Bowl is also the host of the BCS National Championship Game.

We broke the news on Sunday morning that the Fiesta Bowl’s website was down, and that tickets could not be found through the official Fiesta Bowl site. On Saturday night it was difficult to use, occasionally displaying error messages. By Sunday morning it was completely offline.

By the time the official BCS rankings and many of the bowl participants were announced Sunday evening, had a message saying “our website is currently experiencing technical difficulties.” That message remains in place this morning.

The Insight Bowl, which pits Missouri against Iowa, will be played between , on December 28th.

The Fiesta Bowl, which will be played between Oklahoma and Connecticut, is on January 1st.

Auburn and Oregon will face off in the BCS National Championship Game on January 10th.

Tickets to the the Fiesta Bowl, Insight Bowl, and the National Championship Game, are available through third party distributors, sometimes as part of package deals which include travel and hotel stay. Tickets will also be available through the schools to donors and alumni.

It’s unknown if the Fiesta Bowl’s site was taken down by traffic, hackers, or something else. On their site down message, they do reference twitter and facebook accounts, both of which acknowledge the site is down but does not say why.