Who believed that Fight Club would go on?

According to multiple sources, the infamous 1999 film, Fight Club, has been green lit for a sequel.

In paper form that is. Dark Horse Comics plans to have the eponymous project on stands some time next year.

The writer of the source material, Chuck Palahniuk, is attached to this project as well.

The released plot tells the story of Marla and the original narrator tens years later. With midlife and marriage weighing them down, Tyler Durden awaits his soon to be second coming.

Hints of Tyler’s origins come into play. It is implied that Tyler has existed longer than his host from Fight Club was lead to believe. French Revolution? American Revolution?

The same visual dysfunctions that took place in the movie, are expected to fill the pages of each episode. These would include deliberate printing errors, and colors slightly off from normal.

Emotions are mixed with this news. Many loyal fans are eager to see a continuation of this always off-kilter story. Others feel the end of the movie and book were enough; no further explanation necessary.

Are you excited about a continuation to Fight Club? Did you expect this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.