It is tax season yet again, and everyone is looking for ways to save on the cost of filing. Many are opting to go with filing their taxes at home as opposed to spending the amounts they normally would using a tax service. Even so, tax software can be quite expensive for the home user.

There are many options for home tax software at a variety of costs. If all that is needed is the standard software and not a business version, then it is possible to spend only $1 to purchase the software and a federal e-file is included in that price.

H&R Block’s  at Home standard edition can be found in most Dollar Tree stores nationwide this year. The stores that carry this version typically have a display set up somewhere in the store that houses the CD sleeves of the software. While it does not come in a box and includes no manuals, it is a current version of the software and it includes one free e-file for federal taxes.

H&R Block at Home was previously known as TaxCut before the name change. This is not the first year they have partnered with Dollar Tree stores to offer a standard edition of their basic software. In years past many took advantage of this deal and were able to file their federal taxes for only $1.

This deal is perfect for the user who needs only the basics and wants a simple e-file for their federal taxes. A state e-file can be purchased at an additional cost or the user can simply mail in their state taxes.