Last Of Us ElliePer a post on Naughty Dog’s official website, PS3-exclusive The Last Of Us will be getting its final piece of DLC soon.

Company man Eric Monacelli says in a short mention that the add-on will include a new difficulty level for the single-player campaign, and additional content for multiplayer as well.

Currently The Last of Us sports Easy, Normal, Hard, and Survivor difficulties.

Considering this new option will be tacked on for dedicated players with a season pass, it’s assumed the upcoming mode could make this critically acclaimed game even more difficult to finish.

This news comes fresh after the release of the single player Left Behind DLC that adds backstory to the experience.

For those truly invested in the Last Of Us universe, Naughty Dog also recently released a feature-length documentary about the game called Grounded: The Making Of Last Of Us. It’s currently streaming on YouTube and Amazon.

Despite such massive fanfare for one title, Naughty Dog heads recently said that a sequel to The Last Of Us only has a fifty-fifty shot of happening. As the studio shifts its focus to the next entry in the Uncharted saga, the priority of other projects remains unknown.

Do you think this will be the last we hear of The Last Of Us?