Apple Apps: Healthbook

Apple Apps: Healthbook

Rumors of Apple’s new health tracking app have been coming on strong for months now.

The rumors started when Apple’s VP of software technologies met with the FDA in December of last year.

This morning, 9to5Mac reported that this much-awaited health and fitness tracking app from Apple is indeed on its way to becoming a reality.

According to 9to5Mac, the app resembles a previous app named ‘Passbook’. While the look is hardly a new one, the health app is definitely trying to set new trends.

The app is set to venture beyond what is normally expected of such apps. Features include blood analysis and the monitoring of physical activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.

There are several rumors associated with whether the app will require any third party applications or specific devices, but none of these have been corroborated.

9to5 has really provided a scoop for Apple app lovers by providing detailed screenshots of the app on their website. It has reported that Healthbook will be using a card interface that will show information according to the categories that it pertains to.

The app will allow users to plug in variable inputs such as weight metrics, activity details, food intake and sleep patterns.

Right now, exactly how such parameters will be deciphered by the app is unclear, but as pure speculation, 9to5 predicts that Apple’s recently patented devices such as iWatch and fitness tracking headphones will be used.

A team of developers have been hired along with several fitness experts for the Healthbook project. The fact that some of these experts have experience working on health sensors has lent believability to the rumors.

Though there is always a chance that the project be scrapped or delayed, 9to5 has reported that it expects the app to be featured at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, along with iOS 8, later this year.