Florida’s hurricane preparedness tax-free holiday starts tomorrow, May 31, 2014 and runs through June 8.

During the tax-free holiday, Florida waives the state sales tax on certain items essential for preparing for a hurricane.

Items that qualify for tax free purchases include batteries, tarps, radios, power generators, first-aid kits, coolers and ice chests. A complete list from the state is here.

Unfortunately, plywood and other heavy duty hurricane prep items aren’t on the list.

Tim MacWelch, author of Prepare For Anything, suggests 10 items for emergency preparation that apply well to hurricane preparedness:

 • A water-tight container for storing emergency items;

 • A radio that includes a feature for receiving NOAA weather alerts;

 • A first-aid kit, water (1 gallon per person per day for a week);

 • Food (ready-to-eat meals, enough for a week);

 • Lighting (flashlights, headlamps);

 • Communication – and a way to stay in touch with people  (including a battery operated cell phone charger);

• Shelter items (blankets, sleeping bags);

• And support items (such as a toy for a child, games, small food treat).

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