Flabbergasted YouTuber Uncovers $30,000 Card in Magic the Gathering Starter Pack

Every Magic the Gathering (MtG) card collector dreams about opening a random pack and getting one of the rarest cards in the game.

Not every collector fulfills that dream – but this one does.

Kotaku broke the story of how openboosters, a YouTube channel dedicated to opening up packs of rare Magic the Gathering cards, managed to get their hands on the uber-rare Black Lotus artifact card.

Only 1,100 Black Lotus cards were printed when the very first set of MtG cards – the Alpha set – were first released.

Not only were they rare, but their particular in-game attributes made them one of the most versatile cards in Magic the Gathering – allowing holders to add three mana of any color into their mana pool at zero mana cost.

This was, however, soon considered to be too powerful to the point of imbalance – which is why the card is no longer used in official MtG tournaments.

Still, the rarity and legacy of the Black Lotus card has drawn collectors to it.

One mint-quality card was actually auctioned off on eBay for $27,302 in November of 2013.

Considering the perfect condition of the card unboxed by openboosters, they can expect to sell the card for as much – if not more – in a similar auction.

You can watch the video of the unboxing by following this link.

Skip ahead to around the 8:15 mark to watch the big unveil – complete with an exclamation of “buszch!!!” as the host very nearly gets a heart attack at the discovery.

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