Flat screen TV prices are a major draw during Cyber Week. Major retailers have been cutting prices in an attempt to draw buyers to their sites.

At the midpoint of Cyber Week, a review of the major Cyber Week websites finds a major push on flat screen HDTVs. And it’s good timing. Flat screen TVs are of growing importance to American consumers. A recent study from the PEW Research Center found that 10% of Americans considered the flat screen TV to be a necessity of life. That’s up 2% from last year’s numbers.

According to Teresa Mears, over at msn.com “there is a glut of TVs on the market.” The glut she says, is causing prices to drop while the competition to sell them heats up.

While prices are shifting frequently and are subject to sellouts, as this morning consumers can find deals on flat screen TVs on sites like Amazon, which has a 32 inch TCL flat screen for $280, a 40 inch TCL flat screen on sale for $430, and a 60 inch Mitsubishi flat screen TV for $899.

Walmart, who, according to Mears, started this price war in early November, has, for example, a Phillips 22 inch four $219 listed as a Cyber Week deal. Other deals include an Element 42 inch for $499, and an Element 55 inch flatscreen TV for $799.

Over at Target, we find deals like the Sylvania 32 inch for $399, a 40 inch Philips flat screen for $549, and a 46 inch Samsung for $949.