Flickchart Is A Great Site For Film Lovers

Flickchart.com is a fantastic free website for film lovers.

Ever debated with friends which of two films is better and not been able to make a decision?

Flickchart forces you to make those choices over and over again until a list of your favorite films is created.

Created by Nathan Chase and Jeremy Thompson, and worked on by a legion of fans who volunteer their time, Flickchart seeks to put these arguments to rest in a fun, intuitive, way.

Pitting any random duo of films up against each other for you to choose between (or let the site know you haven’t seen one, the other, or both) Flickchart uses all of your decisions to populate which films are your favorites.

Once you have your list somewhat populated, you can filter the films that come up (or flickflights) by many, many genres, years films were released, or how much your previous choices show you like a film.

It’s the ultimate online time waster for any film lover who doesn’t mind becoming addicted to a website.

Have you tried Flickchart.com, or want to?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Consumer Expert Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas is an extreme pop culture junkie and proud of it. A long time fan of comics, film, music & wrestling, he writes about all four. My writing for Whatculture.com can be found here: http://whatculture.com/author/matthew-thomas