A murder-suicide in Riviera Beach, Florida, has left six people dead, according to police.

The Riviera Beach Police Department issued a statement that said an officer was on the scene, investigating a suspicious car, when he heard gun shots and then saw a man exit a house about 2 a.m. Monday morning. The man, confirmed to be Patrick Dell, saw the officer and shot himself.

Police found a grizzly scene inside the house, where they discovered the remainder of the bodies. Dell’s estranged wife Natasha Whyte Dell and four of his stepchildren, aged 10 to 14, were shot and killed. A fifth stepchild was wounded and taken to the hospital. The couple’s biological children were not harmed and are currently at a relative’s home.

The deceased children were identified as Daniel Barnet, age 10; Javon Nelson, age 11; Diane Barnett, age 13; and Bryan Barnett, age 14. The schools of the children will have grief counselors present on Monday.

Investigators commended the excellent police work that prevented the suspect from fleeing the scene. They also announced their belief that Dell acted alone in the incident.