Schools  and government offices in Broward County, Florida spent Wednesday under complete lockdown after a potential threat of attack was made to a local radio station.

Pembroke Pines police Captain Dan Rakofsky said that a woman called into a local radio station and said that her husband intended to fire shots at a local school.  The station also received an e-mail stating that something big would happen at a government building.

As a precaution due to the perceived potential for danger the police requested a full scale lockdown of all schools and administrative offices.  The county houses 231 schools and centers, 69 charters schools and 1 virtual school.  The possible threat was towards a school in the city of Pembroke Pines though all Broward county schools were locked down. The threat was received at 8:40 am.

The threat was not confirmed when schools were placed on lockdown. Government offices were also warned of the potential threat by e-mail.

As of Wednesday afternoon the lockdown had been lifted and students were expected to be dismissed as usual. Police were still working to track down the caller and the writer of the e-mail.

Pembroke Pines in located 20 miles northwest of Miami.